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"If you want to learn more about wine, from the best undiscovered values to the most coveted of unicorns, Vintel is the perfect choice." —Dan and Maura Sharp

Below are examples of previous private class subjects:

• Transparency in wine

• Female winemakers

• Comparative regions

• Syrah around the world

• Volcano wines!

• Minimal production wine

• Alsatian wine; tasting of wines from the many soils

• New producers

• Navigating a wine list at business dinners

• Rosé & extended skin contact wines

• Food and wine pairing


We offer private classes on the above subjects, along with a slew of other focused tastings and workshops in the privacy of your home or at a preferred venue. We make it easy, selecting and buying the wine for you. Fill out the brief form below in order for us to start planning an event with you!


Cellar management and growth

VINTEL inventories, builds, an organizes personal cellars. We also are able find the best auctions for your wines, in the event you are trying to make room. No more cave of forgotten dreams!